DAOslack,A decentralized & efficient collaborative networks
Build with DAOslack

DAOslack's app provides powerful tools to coordinate and incentivize your team, contributors, and community; enabling you to

build your app using our app. Think of your app as the store-front and ours as the back-office.


Incentivize work

Use your app's native Token, ETH, or DAI to compensate the talented people who realize your vision.

Track Reputation

A provable record of the skills people in your DAOslack have based on the work they did for it.

Your DAOslack,Your Rules

From benevolent dictatorship to democratic cooperative, DAOslack is modular and customisable, giving you total flexibility, and enabling safe experimentation and gradual adoption.
About DAOslack Network

The DAOslack Network is a suite of smart contracts, running on Ethereum. It provides a general purpose framework for the essential functions organizations require,

such as ownership, structure, authority, and financial management.


・About DAOslack Network

The DAOslack Protocols is a dispute resolution protocol that runs on Ethereum. The DAOslack Protocols provides essential services to DAOs via decentralized protocols. It's one of the core components of the DAOslack Network.

・DAOslack Chain

A public blockchain optimized for DAOslack organizations

・DAOslack Chain

Boilerplates and examples to get started. Spin up an application in minutes or create an extensoin for the DAOslack Network smart contracts.
Developer Tools

DAOslack organizations are fully modular. You can install apps that enhance your organization, such as a different voting process or a better way to manage funds.


Define structure

Use Tools to divide your DAOslack into teams, units, circles, projects, or whatever makes sense.

Distribute authority

Powerful Permissions give individuals, groups, or even apps customizable decision authority in each Domain.

Allocate budgets

Tools can directly manage funds allocated to them, with flexibility to temper autonomy with oversight.

Coordinate work

efine, incentivize, and coordinate delivery of the product that provides your DAOslack's value.

Streamline payments

From gigs and tips, to salaries and revenue sharing DAOslack simplifies compensation complexity.

Quantify performance

Doing great work earns you Reputation for the skills you used and Tools to which you contributed.
Effective collaboration

・Conversations, organized

Instead of a single overstuffed inbox, conversations in DAOslack happen in dedicated spaces called channels.

・Get looped in, not out

The DAOslack makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information in an easily searchable archive.

・Say it with video

The DAOslack supports online video conferencing applications for daily meetings, training and technical support. With DAOslack, you can capture your screen, voice, and face and instantly share your video in less time than it would take to type an email.

・A completely remote team

Talent shouldn't be constrained by geography. We work remotely. Distance feels shorter when the vision of a fair world unites us all.
Our Team

Gabriel LeslieCEO

Carnegie Mellon University has a master's degree in finance and is a serial entrepreneur of fintech. He has founded a number of companies and raised more than $ 100 million in angel and venture capital.


Luke CampbellCTO

Core member of technology, enthusiast of distributed systems, Master of Computer Science from Imperial College of Technology. He has deep knowledge of SAP (System Applications and Products) and is good at combining functions with deep technical experience in various languages, tools, frameworks.


iden CookCOO

Stanford University has a bachelor's degree in finance and is an international financial expert. He is good at researching new incentives and legal structures focusing on the use of token economy and independent market design to promote open source collaboration.


Jose WatsonAsia director

With an academic background in computer science, he is good at community building, l eadership, mapping and data analysis, and algorithm research. Is a blockchain technology enthusiast


Peyton Choi Advisor

Value investor, was a Singapore International Hedge Fund Trading Manager, with 10 years of investment experience. Has invested in multiple blockchain projects.


Alex CarlisleAdvisor

Columbia University Master of International Finance. Due to his insights and enthusiasm for blockchain technology, he joined the blockchain industry.


Wyatt Korea Advisor

Early crypto investor, he has successfully invested in more than 16 blockchain projects, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BSV, etc.

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